Calendar for 2018-19

Three Hour Sound and Music Healing Meditation 

by Dr. Sujata Singhi
(Sound Therapist and Spiritual Scientist)

Date: October 13, 2019

Sound and Music Healing is the most potent form of Energy Healing known to man. Its revival and acceptance into mainstream medicine is growing rapidly. Come experience this yourself.

Benefits of Sound and music therapy and meditation:

Makes positive changes to your whole being, Reduces stress, Reduces blockages and toxins, Increases vital energyflow, good for creativity, intuition and motivation, Soothes, purifies and harmonizes your emotions and feelings, Improves sleep, stimulates circulatory system, stimulates endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning, Strengthens the immune system, Solves deep emotional issues, Helps nurture an attitude of gratitude, compassion, love, joy and peace.

A journey with Healing through Sound Therapy recharges our bodies and minds and transforms our lives… leading to complete well being.

Fees – Rs. 2000 per person
(Flat 15% discount on group of 2 or more members)

Time – 9 am to 12 noon

REGISTRATION – [email protected]