Promoting Womens Health through Yoga

– A workshop on understanding and managing menopause

(To mark the countdown of 100 days to International Day of Yoga – 2018)
by Central Council of Yoga and Naturopathy, Ministry of AYUSH

Intervention of Yoga to promote women health is an area, which is still not touched as large levels through Yoga. It is therefore proposed to organize this workshop to create awareness, impart education and encourage women who are heading towards menopause to adopt Yoga and other holistic measures in better management of lifestyle during this transition period.

In this first phase it is proposed to reach the working class women from the economically / socially weaker section. They have lesser opportunity to know about this transition and condition.

We are collaborating with the institutions managed by Hyderabad Sindh National Collegiate Board, which has multiple educational institutes to encourage participation of women from their non-teaching staff and also wives of their non-teaching staff in relevant age group. 

This workshop is organised by
Central Council of Yoga and Naturopathy, Ministry of AYUSH
In collaboration with
Kaivalyadhama  &
Indian Menopause Society
Mumbai Menopause Society

Supported by
Navy Wives Welfare Association
Institutions of Hyderabad Sindh National Collegiate Board

13th March 2018, 3 to 6 pm

Program Schedule

3 pm
Arrival and pathological testing on some of basic but important parameters to determine women’s health.


45 Minutes discussion
Understanding Menopause – effects and conditions
by Dr. Nita Dalal (President, Mumbai Menopause Society)

30 minute discussion
Diet and Nutrition by
Ms. Niti Desai (Dietician)

30 minute discussion
Yoga and its effects in reducing conditions during menopause by Dr. Ulka Natu (Eminent gynaecologist and Yoga Expert)

45 minutes yoga practice and relaxation
by Ms. Shilpa Ghone (Senior Yoga Teacher, Kaivalyadhama Mumbai)